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We are not the same girls...at all, but I was really happy to have you here with me in Monterrey.  

What an intense week!!! 5 years ago we lived together in Regensburg, Germany and our friendship started, a real friendship. I know you are going to come to Mexico to my wedding and I’m coming to Jordan to yours, actually I promised to go to Jordan next year so I need to start saving money and reorganizing my life, I need to keep improving, be better and better each day, accept myself and accept what happened to me. So, I was saying we are not the same anymore but I still love you and I feel very flattered when I hear I’m your hero or your model. I remember us very well at Munich airport on my goodbye, you crying and saying you are gonna miss me a lot, and me making a mess, as usual, with my overweight luggage. Arthur was mad, he couldn’t be sad for a second. Arthur was saying something like: -“Oh my God, Caro why are you always like this, do you really think to throw all this clothes away?” “Masar stop crying I need to think about this clothes” Caro: -“Guys there’s nothing to think about, I really don’t want this clothes, everything is old and I don’t even think to take out my books or my puzzles, or the magnets for my mami, really I don’t need this stuff please Arthur let us say goodbye to each other” -“Schatzi I’m going to miss you a lot , I’m going to remember a lot our trip to Italy, I wait for you in Mexico baby next year” Masar: “Oh schatzi this house in Regensburg will be so lonely without you, I’m gonna miss you waking me up to go to work “ Well this is the moment I remember the most but having you here last week was so great and you telling me stories about me was so funny. Stories like you waking up in your big bed in Regensburg and having me beside you saying: “Don’t you worry schatzi I washed my bed clothes last night and they are not completely dry so I decided to come and sleep at your room. That was typical from me but I changed, now I always have a plan at my work, my life, I always have battery on my phone, maybe I’m not that fun like yesterday. Masar you always have something to discuss, everything: politics, poverty, government, life, hate, educational system. I already noticed that on May when I came to Europe I’m still the girl who listens old music when I am alone or I’m nostalgic. Before I was the same, listening old music when homesickness attacked. I will never finish to write all stories of our friendship but as I said I was really happy to have you here, taking you to Cola de caballo, Santiago, J Balvin, to the city center, I liked a lot joining plans with your friends and party like crazies 🎉. 

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